Companies are exploring new ways to work with their suppliers and competitors using Blockchain based networks. They need to understand the new opportunities and threats that are arising from these new technologies.

Companies need to build Blockchain infrastructure that integrate into their existing process and fulfil their security and performance requirements. Since 2016, Intelipost’s team is helping propel Hyperledger, the leading open source blockchain technology. Our team of Developers, QA engineers, Technical Analysts and DevOps are laying down the foundation upon which Blockchain business solution are built.
Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with the highest blockchain knowledge and skill sets through our services such as:

Blockchain Consulting

Intelipost is specialized in helping small, medium and large companies architecting, designing, developing, and implementing their Blockchain project.

As we are actively involved in the Brazil Blockchain community and work closely with members of the Hyperledger Foundation, we are able to provide our clients with the most suitable and valuable Blockchain solution.

We will work closely with your company to define an effective and successful strategy focused on Blockchain integration, development, and implementation.

Blockchain Engineering

We have years of experience implementing real-world solutions for some of the largest companies in the Logistics and retails sector in Brazil (Magazine Luiza, B2W, Marisa, Renner, Centauro etc.).

Blockchain came as a natural path to continue our mission in bringing cutting edge and innovative technologies to suits our client needs. Intelipost engineering team has experience developing and deploying Blockchain applications for our enterprise clients.

If you are interested in building a quick and robust proof-of-concept, our engineering team will be happy to help you meet and overcome your expectations.

Blockchain Operation

We provide our customers with a complete overview of the blockchain technical operations scenario, allowing them to seamlessly integrate it within their existing systems. Our global team of experts will work with you to create a new blockchain, establish the network, permission the network and manage the blockchain.

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Intelipost pioneered the commercial adoption of Blockchain technologies in the logistics industry in Brazil. Our Blockchain team provides valuable services to key players in the Blockchain ecosystem, including infrastructure builders and decentralized application developers.

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