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The full Intelipost logistics experience is at the service of your company. Our experts offer solutions to real problems that affect your business on a daily basis.

In the selection of carriers, we simulate a delivery profile against our carrier base to recommend the best partners using a range of criteria: cost, time and quality (reliability).

In consultancy for freight strategy, we assist your company in determining the freight options available to your customers in order to reduce costs, increase the conversion rate, and maximise “Freight Account” results. The freight strategy includes defining and reviewing freight campaigns, including “Free Shipping”.

The freight strategy may also encompass the structuring of more complex logistics networks, such as multi-channel (omnichannel), cross-docking, dropshipping and multi-trip.

Intelipost also offers Benchmarking, in which the freight cost, price, term and service level (SLA) are compared to a base with hundreds of shippers and carriers.


  • Analysis of type and volume of orders
  • Appointment and/or negotiation of carriers
  • Conducting a market benchmarking exercise
  • Analysis of freight account, losses, deadlines, SLAs


  • Optimising negotiations with carriers
  • Improving transportation network quality


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