Invoice Audit


The Invoice Audit module, also known as Invoice Reconciliation, facilitates the verification of electronic Bills of Lading (e-BLs, or ‘CT-es’) and invoices issued by carriers. The negotiated freight tables are compared to the electronic documents to detect any inconsistency. This process thus brings more transparency in the financial transaction, resulting in less errors and reduced freight costs.

The integration of our system with carriers enables the automatic reading of invoices and electronic Bills of Lading (e-BLs / CT-es), enabling them to be verified against the negotiated freight tables. Invoice auditing includes verification of the quantity of shipments, as well as all factors used in the freight calculation.

The Divergence Analysis report identifies the main deviations between expected and charged freight costs. The reconciliation with orders placed and estimated freight also enables errors in product registration or in operational processes – which affect the initial freight calculation and can cause divergences – to be identified.



  • Validation of carrier charges
  • Analysis of freight divergences
  • Reconciliation of e-BLs (‘CT-es’)
  • Divergence report by carrier


  • Greater predictability of the freight account
  • Reduction in operation/freight costs
  • Improvements in product registration


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