Dispatch Management


Our Dispatch Management module automates the exchange of information between shipper and carriers in the dispatch of orders, bringing simplicity and agility to the process.

Integration occurs via Webservices, EDI and any other available channels, and is transparent to the shipper.

The system also enables the generation of shipping labels, prepaid postage and packing lists (“manifests”), both individually and in batches, to be integrated into any system used.


  • Generation of labels with valid Tracking Codes
  • Creation of prepaid postage and packing lists
  • Automatic pick up request via API, EDI or Webservices


  • Enhanced dispatch efficiency and agility
  • Automation of communication with carriers


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We are ready to integrate orders between the store and the post office, and between carriers, via Webservices, EDI or other available channels.


We guarantee agility and simplification of the carrier activation process, in an automated manner, reducing the lead time.

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