Reimbursement of postal services


The Postal Reimbursement module monitors all shipments made through the post office and automatically opens Requests for Information (RIs, or ‘PIs’) for all cases of delay and loss, maximising the amounts recovered and simplifying logistics management.

Intelipost has the technology to continually scan all post office orders, identifying reimbursable incidents and opening RIs (‘PIs’) automatically and in a streamlined way. The logistics teams no longer have to open RIs (‘PIs’) manually.

Together with the Tracking module, extraordinary events are identified and open RIs (‘PIs’) directly via the system for other incidents found (e.g. faults, client not acknowledging delivery, etc.).

On a monthly basis, the system generates the Reimbursement Report, which totals the invoice rebates for the month which are identified as request-to-order.


  • Automatic opening and re-opening of postal RIs (‘PIs’)
  • Natively integrated into the tracking module
  • Detailed view by request and by report
  • Analysis Report on open RIs (‘PIs’)


  • Better management of postal incidents
  • Increase in postal reimbursements relating to delays/losses

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