The Delivery Tracking module provides tracking of all freight in real time and for any carrier. In addition, it automates notification to clients for each delivery status, helping to avoid shipping exceptions and returns, thereby reducing the cost of freight and customer service.

Through the Intelipost dashboard, you can track the status of orders by region, carrier, dispatch date and expected delivery date, as well as filter and analyse shipping exceptions. Tracking updates can also be integrated with other platforms, such as online shops, ERPs, and CRM tools.

The tool also enables the configuration of business rules for process automation and operation simplification. For example, it is possible to keep your client up-to-date through personalised emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages for each delivery status, to open an issue with customer service for treatment,, or even to notify the carrier of an action that needs to be taken in specific cases.

In reports, you can separately monitor KPIs for carrier delivery (agreed vs. actual SLAs) and KPIs for your business (delivery time promised to the client).


  • Monitoring of all shipments
  • Communication with clients via e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Dashboard and Performance Reports
  • Sending SMS, Email and Push
  • Creating alerts by type of occurrence


  • Real-time visibility of all shipments
  • Reduction of calls to the customer service centre


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