The Intelipost Analytics module leverages all information in the logistics process and brings significantly more visibility and intelligence to your management process, enabling you to quickly make better-informed decisions.

The tool is based on efficient data-seeking algorithms for generating intelligence reports (or BI, Business Intelligence). Based on freight quotations and orders placed, the tool provides visibility of the conversion rate per sales channel, as well as shopping cart abandonment analysis.

Quotation analysis also enables demand to be evaluated by product, by region, by sales channel, and by any other relevant order characteristic.

Analytics for Tracking also allows tracking of SLAs by carrier, by region and by time of year, making variations in delivery time visible and thereby resulting in fairer control of deadlines promised to clients. The tool can be integrated with established Business Intelligence tools in the market.


  • Creation of standard reports
  • Analysis by sales channel, product type, carrier, postcode (‘CEP’) range
  • Creation and customisation of indicators/KPIs


  • Tracking your KPIs in real time
  • Faster decision-making

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