About Intelipost

We are the largest logistics management platform in the country.

Our goal is to revolutionize logistics in Brazil, developing solutions that present a new way of thinking and doing logistics as part of their DNA.

We are driven by two desires:

Our mission is to foster the perfect delivery with simplicity and speed, and to transform the lives of thousands of people who shop online every day, creating the best delivery experience and saving businesses time and resources.

With solutions for e-commerces, retailers, marketplaces and logistics operators, our technologies accurately and securely leverage the creation of business strategies, making the perfect delivery experience a reality.

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#Intelipost Manifesto

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We are experts in process integration and intelligence.

The boldness and willingness to innovate challenges us and is part of our essence.

As such, we rely on a comprehensive and digitized ecosystem, with more than 1,400 carriers and +120 native integrations, from e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, ERP’s, CRM’s and integration hubs.

Our journey

Since its foundation in 2014, Intelipost has received contributions from funds such as Project-A, Performa Investimentos, and the last, most recent, raised in 2020 with Riverwood Capital, to the amount of BRL130 million. This allowed for the acquisition of AgileProcess, a company specialized in routing solutions and real-time visibility for logistics, as well as Pegaki, a network of pick-up points for e-commerce purchases.

Our mission

We combine intelligence and technology to create solutions that connect businesses and people. We keep step with our partners on this journey, promoting ever more growth, income, inclusion.

We seek to simplify and revolutionize logistics, and for that we have a culture of learning and collective development, as well as a unique team boasting the best technology experts, the most powerful elements of our culture.

We are part of Grupo Intelipost

A group composed of Agile, Intelipost and Pegaki. United in transforming logistics into business through technology and data.