The largest omnichannel freight management platform in Brazil

Intelipost connects your e-commerce and all your sales channels to the best carriers in real time:

  • Reduce your freight costs
  • Streamline your shipping and routing process
  • Increase your operation’s visibility for more efficient decisions

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+4000 companies use Intelipost for logistics management

4 Benefits

that make Intelipost the best logistics management platform in Brazil


Reduce your shipping costs and offer better shipping options than your competitors


  • Increase sales in marketplaces and on your own website
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Customize your own shipping rules
  • Register and manage your shipping tables

Discover all the solutions for quotation, auditing, invoices and more!


Streamline your process of preparing and sending orders in real time


  • Automatic communication with carriers
  • Automation of cargo separation processes
  • Agile routing process
  • More security for drivers and their cargo

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Increase the satisfaction of your customers with notifications at every stage of delivery


  • 100% automated notifications via WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS
  • Reduction in Customer Service calls
  • Less returns and re-delivery occurrences
  • Real-time performance reports

Discover all automation solutions for tracking of real time deliveries.


Gain visibility for strategic decisions by using real time order status reports


  • Detailed logistical intelligence reports
  • More control over operation
  • Delivery and cost performance metrics
  • Faster results and more efficient decision making

Discover analytics, logistical intelligence and other solutions.


See some of the results

we were able to archive for our customers

Bárbara MirandaCarrier Management

“The cost optimization is the key factor for the success of an e-commerce. Ensuring the accuracy of the freight and the definition of the carrier options were essential in achieving competitive advantage in the market and in our customers’ decision-making Bárbara Miranda”

Rafael MidõesE-commerce Transport Coordinator da Etna

“Retail has been going through a great digital transformation and having a partner like Intelipost is fundamental for the process. The system is intuitive, ensures real-time integration and updating of all deliveries, and provides a framework of solutions that make it possible to apply the best strategy to those who are part of the list of main conversion factors, which is freight price and delivery time”

Your e-commerce can also achieve
like these:

Discover analytics solutions, logistical
intelligence and more


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Intelipost for the logistics management of your business

Our solutions are flexible and customizable and adapt to the needs of your operation.

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  • What the dashboard you will see on a daily basis looks like
  • How your customers will communicate with you

+4000 companies use Intelipost for logistics management