For retailers

Retailers need to manage the information of each shipment transfered between distribution centers, franchises or brick-and-mortar stores, as well as shipments between their e-commerce and end customers.

Intelipost’s retail solution allows you to integrate all logistics processes: from calculating freight, managing the shipment of each order and updating delivery statuses with each carrier so you can offer a complete buying experience to all your customers.

Discover the benefits of using Intelipost in your retail services:

Create customized shipping rules for each sales channel

Integrate all your sales channels into a single account and scale your omnichannel operation

Create smart actions to solve delivery incidents

Optimize your carrier network by offering the best shipping options for your region

Streamline product preparation and shipping with automatic order submission through direct integration with your ERP system

Track the status of your deliveries in real time

Manage reverse logistics order information

Discover how we boost Brazil's leading retailers

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