Reverse logistics

Transform the exchanges and returns experience and seamlessly increase customer satisfaction

Improve service quality

to maintain proactive communication with your customers

Automatically send the tracking status of each return in real time from pick up to return to the Distribution Center. Offer complete visibility with real-time updates on the reverse logistics process.

End-to-end visibility

from receiving the request until completion of the exchange

Keep your customer and your service team updated by sending the status of each return in real time until the completion of the Reverse logistics process at your distribution center.

Request each pick up

with the market's leading carriers

Organize pick ups to facilitate the management of sending and receiving reverse logistics orders. Make requests and issue postage authorizations and reduce operating costs by facilitating the sending and receiving of exchanges and returns with the Post Office and specialized carriers in the market.

Identify request patterns

For smart shipment management

Facilitate the receipt of reverse logistics orders with full control over the process with carriers and organized, agile and efficient pick ups.

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