Reduce your costs by over 20% by automatically identifying discrepancies between invoices and freight tables in a simple and easy way

Greater assertiveness in your freight invoices

to reduce your costs

Intelipost’s Invoice Audit module ensures more fluidity and autonomy in financial processes with facilitated identification of inconsistencies.

Better relationships with carriers

For verification of negotiated freight rates

Integrate each of your carriers and automatically read invoices and bills of lading (CT-e) to easily detect inconsistencies and compare the amounts charged by each carrier.

Reconciliation of orders placed

for an error-free freight calculation

Instantly identify discrepancies in product registration or operational processes that may affect the initial freight calculation.

Ensure the best deals

To build a good relationship with carriers

Gain visibility of the results of each divergence between the amounts charged and forecasted and autonomously and securely identify the main deviations.

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