Solutions for Logistics Operators

Operators looking to diversify their logistics and serve markets with highly complex operations, while standing out among their competitors, from the moment the order is created to its final delivery, creating complementary and customized options for their solutions.

With real-time information on each delivery thansk to Intelipost solutions, you, the logistics operator, can offer proactive logistics, providing rapid and efficient solutions to problems, thus gaining greater control of processes and optimizing service levels with each delivery.

Discover the benefits of using Intelipost in your operations:

Simplify integrations with your logistics flow

Create customized communication rules based on each delivery status

Centralize each carrier's information in one place

Easily and quickly integrate order information from each customer's platform

Optimize the speed information is sent when choosing each carrier

Offer proactive logistics with real-time delivery status updates

Discover how we leverage the market's leading logistics operators

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